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The Kings Castle

Dev Update #2 – Map and Magic

Hello and good day. Today we wanted to show some of our latest developments for our map and announce that we are moving from level design into implementation of the core functionalities.

The playable area will be the Kings throne, the island to the east, the snow range to the north, and the fire lands in the south. By providing this open world concept we can give our early access players a taste of the different realms to explore, where they will discover the rare resources for crafting magical runes, and how the core mechanics will be setup for questing and adventure around the world.

With the new Unreal 5.1 engines use of nanite technology we are able to create a massive open world that has amazing textures, grass, foliage, and other elements of nature that look amazing and perform at high fps without lag. The tech is amazing and our team is so grateful for all the hard work that goes into providing these exceptional experiences for everyone to enjoy. The combat systems also are so well built that swinging your sword, shooting your bow, or casting your fireball feels very clean and is an incredible experience! We have also created a rune system that lets you cook and conjure different spell types for casting or applying to your weapon for great effects.

I do not want to give away too many surprises but I will share a few screen shots of our land of Tyraelia that is waiting to be explored. We hope you enjoy and thank you for your time reading our development update.