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Dev Blog #5 – Demo and Playtest Underway

Greeting from all of us at Bloodbath Studios. I would like to apologize for the lack of Dev Blog updates, we have been very busy on the core mechanics and building an incredible world filled with adventure, lore, and functional and fun game play. We also want to take a lot of risks with our design and style as we feel many game companies wont, hope you like it.

Multiplayer games prove very hard to build as you must consider server and client side management, its almost like building 2 games that have to sync with each other to have a solid experience. Even though its a lot of extra work, multiplayer games, in my opinion are the most fun and rewarding when it comes to cooperative gameplay, fighting with and against each other, and interacting in a fun Medieval open world.

The reason I push so hard for Crestfall is because I love survival / multiplayer / medieval games and I just don’t feel that the industry has provided a deep immersive online experience with the current technology available. So here we are over a year into development and I couldn’t be happier with our progress!!

Our team has completed some of the hardest most intense legwork on getting items, characters, weapons, and all the required mechanics into the game and working with each other nearly flawlessly. As we approach an Alpha Demo release it is my duty to say that this is not bug free, but its not fun free either. Our building, weapons, and siege mechanics are undergoing some competitive optimization to make time to kill quick and bloody. We are branching away from the first person click and swipe combat similar to Mordhaus and Chivalry and trying a new approach with weapon advantages and quick block techniques that will hopefully make PvP and PvE a bit more fast paced and exciting.

Late game will offer some serious heavy hitters that will give players the ability to 1 shot their opponents with a lucky crit from a meteor, halberd, or perfect shot from the catapult.

The Lore is set in Stone, please read the Bible of Tyraellia HERE.

Our main fantasy map has been fleshed out and we are building the world to match 1:1 scale of our Tyraellia game map!

We will continue to update and blog about our progress as this game get closer to Early Access Launch. With so much changing on a daily basis it is hard to know what to write about as I feel that time is better spent with eyes on the play testing to get the best experience out possible. Here is a list of things that are our top priority.

Update Notes:

Dedicated / Multiplayer servers stable functional and online. Huge victory!

Farming of nodes, trees, and gatherables stable and working as planned. You can plant up to 20 different crops and they will grow through the changing seasons. Very cool.

Combat optimized and feeling good. We have added dozens of swords, shields, bows, and other weapons and balanced them with the armors and clothing of the game. Blood and gore is working as well too!

Building and crafting on point. Building your castle and crafting through the several tiers of workstations is fully operational and feels fun and balanced. Great work everyone.

UI to adjust graphics settings so users with low end PC can still play, access for all!

Optimized demo world, Have made a lightweight demo to pull over 90 FPS on my comp so you can get a good experience with PVP without the lag. The Demo is the top right of the map, an area that we are happy to showcase at the moment that includes a sample of the Barbarian, Elven, and human factions and assets.

Follower AI, commands can be given for follower AI to guard, farm, or look cool next to your base or on your adventure.

Animal AI for hunting are being completed and have a fun surprise interaction on death, we think you will like it!

Demon and Dragon AI is in the works and it is looking really cool, we are able to get almost 100 FPS with the monsters in and that is a huge achievement.

There is so so much that I want to share we have several incredible people working on this daily and want to provide an insane medieval survival experience. Please let me know what you like or would want to see improved, I hope to make something we can all play and love together. Thank you for your time. -Curtis