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Free Demo on Steam NOW!! Exciting New Features in Patch 0.01

Come check out the game for free on Steam through the month of February –

Development has been so much fun as our team is rapidly growing and so many medieval and survival games enthusiast show up to help out and make this thing better and better everyday. I cant express how grateful I am for everyone that has pushed this siege wagon forward with all the strength in their backs. Huge shout out to my veterans James, Patrick, Luke, and Laz1k! Extending the warmest of welcomes to our new helpers and friends Rayner and his elite, Pash, Dr.Smoke and his crew and the rest of the discord ranks that are forming the middle column for battle. My Knights of The Round Table are a force to be reckoned with and make me so so proud.

I dont think your suppose to do this but I got to give some credit to ALLLLL the assets I am using that put a fat smile on my face. Developing this game has been one of the best things that’s happened to me (dont tell my wife and kids … #4 due in a few months) and I love it so so much. Really able to make a game for the gamers. I have been playing for almost 40 years and really know what I would want to see in a game so I put crazy amounts of detail and polish into every little aspect, a bit obsessive.

First off these armors, clothing, elves, barbs, cultists, dwarves, and secrets yet to be revealed are from the masterminds at Polyphoria. WOW, I really couldn’t be more impressed with the high quality and performance we are able to achieve with these assets and even though I have killed myself setting them up they do so well at 512 texture and are super performative while also looking incredible. Check them out at this link (not sponsored I just love em) For my buildings, castles, and everything in between I am working with a 500gig project of the best most awesome assets I could afford on the Unreal engine market place to make this bad boy in Unreal 5.3.2 with all the latest technology.

Holding over 100 fps with every multiplayer function performing well on our brand new shiny Official Dedicated Servers! Huge thanks to James AGAIN and if you ever need to host, this is the spot. He literally setup a 50k job of having all the networks be automated on upload and all the servers be intertwined so we have the smartest fastest solution out there so I can keep building like a madman and push updates out almost daily. I think some people get frustrated cause they build a huge castle but we have so much to add always we have to take servers down, SORRY! As things stabilize we can discuss a weekly or bi weekly routine if that helps 🙂

I will post a bunch of the dev lists here so you can catch up on our progress if interested. Our demo has been running a few days now on Steam and has over 6,000 downloads and lots of positive user feedback, very encouraging after years of hard hard work developing and learning Unreal Engine after the big switch from Unity. I really feel like I can fly, in Unity I was so miserable thinking about occlusion culling and baking static meshes that I never could focus on the raw game play. Now I have to nerf Lions because they rip people up too fast. Good problems to have!

I am aiming for a July 1st, 2024 launch date I think in these few months I will be able to organize and execute a more robust quest system integrating all the factions for a nice MMORPG vibe. Polish and fix up the catapult, ballista, and trebuchet so they are flawless for raiding. Finish the UI to have a complete on theme vibe, and smooth out any bugs and optimizations that are qued up for attention. We are also adding horses and we might let players fly the dragon around but not if its too OP.

Crestfallen: Medieval Survival Unveils Exciting New Features in Patch 0.01⚔️Breaking New Ground in the Realm of Medieval Gaming⚔️ @everyone In the ever-evolving world of video games, the medieval survival genre has taken a significant leap forward with the latest update to the popular title “Crestfallen: Medieval Survival.” The eagerly anticipated patch 0.01, spearheaded by the game’s visionary, Burkheart, the Keeper of Justice, introduces a host of improvements and new features that promise to enhance the gaming experience for both new and seasoned players.

A New Challenge: The King Boss Fight:fighter: The highlight of this patch is the transformation of the King character into a bona fide boss fight, complete with unique mechanics. This development adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement, offering players a chance to test their skills against a formidable opponent.

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics:galert3: Bow Mechanics Overhaul: The frustrating 0.0 1 tick delay bug with the bow has been fixed, ensuring smoother and more reliable ranged combat. Water Dynamics: Drinking levels and water interactions have received a touch-up, offering a more realistic survival experience. Lion Nerf: The previously overpowering lion has been nerfed, providing a more balanced and less lethal encounter. AI and Gore: AI sounds have been optimized to better match the visceral gore effects, with the promise of blood pools in future updates.

Social and UI Enhancements:1Patrick: Spellbook and Spells Update: All spells have been updated and balanced, offering a more immersive magical experience. Social Interaction: Party and guild invites, along with global chat, are now fully functional. A voice chat icon appears when the microphone is active. UI Improvements: The main menu and interact text have been revamped, and the tooltip UI is updated for better clarity. Character Customization: Players can now select a female character, enhancing the game’s inclusivity. Keybindings Customization: Keybinds are now fully remappable, allowing players to tailor controls to their preferences.

Best Survival Games EVER!!

Audiovisual Upgrades:dpepeaa: Sound Optimization: Overlapping music issues have been resolved, and the volume of epic sounds has been increased, immersing players in a more intense auditory experience. Sleeper Function: A new sleeper function has been added. Players now fall asleep when logged out and can be looted but won’t die. They will wake up upon logging in, adding a new strategic dimension to gameplay.

Gameplay Expansion:cc1dayumdance: Livestock and Farming: Pigs and birthing mechanics are now fully optimized. New farming plots and a water jug for plants have been added, along with improvements to fertilizer and water systems. Crafting and Loot Adjustments: Crafting and loot lists have been adjusted for a more balanced experience. Incorrect items have been removed from the merchant, and new icons and personalization options have been added.

Server and Community:dpepemmmmusic: New Servers: Three official servers are now online, two in the US and one in the EU, enhancing connectivity and community interaction.

Looking Ahead:ikirby: The Crestfallen team is committed to continuous improvement and is currently exploring options for a unique level-up sound, drawing inspiration from classic games. This patch represents just the beginning of an ongoing journey to perfect the medieval survival experience. As Crestfallen: Medieval Survival evolves with these exciting new features and fixes, it continues to establish itself as a benchmark in the genre, offering players an ever-more engaging and immersive medieval world to explore and conquer. Stay tuned for more updates as the game continues to grow and evolve!⚔️